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Member Support

Tempting Dreams Member Support

There are lots of easy and convenient ways to cancel your membership. The information you WILL need is the name of the billing company you joined with as well as the original email or join information stating the subscription or members ID and possibly your credit card number. Please remember that we do not actually process your credit cards directly. We are required to utilize Visa accredited third party processors and upon joining you agreed to the terms and conditions.

With this information you can navigate to the appropriate billing company's cancellation website and cancel your membership or call the number: NOTE: You should cancel at least 24 hours ahead of the schedule billing date (Date/Time will be in EST) so that there is enough time to process your cancellation.

If you joined and were billed by Epoch, please cancel at https://epoch.com/billingsupport - or call from the US: 800-893-8871 or Internationally: +1-310-827-9939

If you joined and were billed by CCBILL, please cancel at https://support.ccbill.com - or call from the US: 888-596-9279 or Internationally: +1-480-449-7751

If you joined via online check by WTS/ACHDEBIT, please cancel at http://www.achdebit.com/ - or call from the US: 1-800-717-7476

After you've cancelled, you will still have access to the website for the entire time you paid for until the billing cycle ends. Cancelling your account simply stops the reoccurrence of future charges. The access is not cancelled immediately upon cancellation. Website access will be denied only after your paid access period has ended.

We hope that you enjoyed the site and that you will return and reactivate your profile in the future. We would appreciate it if you would contact us and give us some feedback on WHY you cancelled and HOW we can IMPROVE the site, content and service.