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Pushing the Senses

Pushing the Senses

Parrish and I have  seen a good number of adult films, and for us, the most erotic and arousing have always been the early efforts of Andrew Blake. Here's a man who understands erotic desire and knows how to show it. I was introduced to Blake through his earliest films, such as Night Trips, Secrets, Night Trips 2, and House of Dreams, in which he explored a tapestry of sexual hunger and captured it on film more effectively than anyone we had ever seen.

The only piece to his majestic, adult puzzle that was missing was a sense of reality. Could a real couple experience the passion captured so vividly in his films... could we?

And that is what the community here at Tempting Dreams is all about. A place for women,  men and couples like us to explore that passion!

Parrish and I  like to think that if a picture tells a thousand words then a thousand words can spur a million fantasies! To keep those erotic fantasies growing we have included a naughty story to accompany this set entitled, Pushing the Senses!

Erotic  Story For The Erotic Hardcore Photos Entitled: Pushing the Senses

Parrish had checked into the motel room as instructed, a clean and cheap joint near the airport in Miami. He went up to the room and sat in the chair as the email had asked him, then took off his clothes and put on his blindfold. The email also said someone would enter the room to tie Parrish's arms behind his back in the chair to ensure Jennifer's safety. This all happened within a few minutes of Parrish settling down in the chair. After he was tightly bound, there was a fumbling in the corner of the room and he heard a camera whirring, and then the other man's retreat to the exit. The door closed and he waited for her...

A couple of minutes more and the door clicked open, the blindfold had heightened his other senses and he could tell she was wearing heels as she walked across the carpet towards him. He was already hard with anticipation, desperate to be near her. Something was thrown on the bed - a coat probably - and a few more steps were taken in his direction.

Hi Parrish, her voice came, low and calm.

Hi, he replied with a smile. I wish I could see you.

Maybe next time, she whispered, but you will be getting a tape of all this in the mail you know...

Parrish had flown in from Atlanta. He had been buying sweaty, cummed-in used and abused panties off Jennifer and had finally convinced her he could afford the real thing. He knew it was going to be worth it – she always was.

She moved closer and he could smell her subtle perfume, part of her leg brushed against his crotch - deliberately - it felt of nylon. She whispered closer: I'll make sure I describe to you what you can't see... OK?

Sure, whispered Parrish in return.

She leant back away from him again and there was movement.

I'm just taking off my skirt. He heard it drop to the floor and get kicked away.

I've had these panties on for the whole flight from England with these stockings. They're quite thin – almost like a fine mesh. Black. You should be able to taste and smell me directly through them - which means I want that mouth all over my pussy through these panties now, sucking my juices through them to make them stink of me. Then you can have them as a souvenir. More importantly, I need to cum - I am feeling very horny right now.

She moved closer again, this time her hands rested gently on his chest. Once you've made me cum I'll take them off and maybe things will get more interesting.... she chuckled as first one knee clambered on to his thigh, then the other.

Next, one of her feet went on to the chair behind his arm, then the other. Her hands moved simultaneously to the back of his head. His heart was pounding, he caught a whiff of her sweaty cunt. I'm going to move my pussy to your mouth and then you're going to keep on tasting me until I've cum...

Parrish mumbled agreement as a hot, damp surface hit his nose and then his mouth. The scent was amazing, extraordinary. She smelt of pure desire, sex. His mouth opened and his tongue searched through the material for her slit. She was wet behind the material and it was coming through, lubricating the outside of the thin panties as his tongue worked up and down, devouring the sweet taste. She sighed and groaned repeatedly and pressed harder into his mouth.

Ohhhh this won't take long I've been waiting for hours... she tailed off as her head rolled back, her hips starting to rock against Parrish's face.

Her right hand reached down the front of her panties, opening her lips to expose her swollen clit, and with her left hand behind Parrish's head she guided his eager tongue to that sweet pressure point. He felt it with his tongue but wrapped his lips around it and sucked. She growled a yeah and pressed her crotch in his face some more. He could taste her juices potently on the outside of the panties, her scent seemed to be all over his face already. His cock was very, very hard and he felt like he might cum without her even touching him.

Oh yes, I am cumming now, her voice went up a few octaves on that last word as her nails dug into the back of Parrish's head, and she shook with an orgasm against his face, groaning as each wave passed through her - five or six times in all - before gently pulling away and climbing off the chair. She took some deep breaths.

Thank you Parrish, she said from somewhere near the bed. There was some more movement, then suddenly he smelt her again - she was holding the panties by his face. These are for you... I'll put them with your clothes over here to dry, she said as she walked over to his stuff on the desk.

That was great, you taste amazing, said Parrish, dying to cum himself.

I suppose I should endeavour to find out how you taste too? she said as she moved over. Parrish felt himself smile in anticipation, he also felt his cock twitch involuntarily.

But I think first I'll sit here, on the arm of this chair with you - he felt her sit to his right, facing him somehow - and I think I'd like my hands to feel you a little... cos I think you must be about to blow here, yeah?

I guess, he said, what are you wearing now? Are you naked?

He-he... No... He felt a hand close around the base of his cock and groaned. It began stroking up, then down. Not gripping, just running up and down his stiff dick. She leant forward.

As you'll see on your videotape later, I still have my stockings on, and my heels. I still have my shirt on but it's unbuttoned now to show the camera that there is no bra underneath. Just so you know, I have my left leg outside the chair and my right is between your legs. My right hand is rubbing your delightful-looking cock. My pussy is grinding on the arm of this chair. I want to see how much cum I can squeeze out of you. Is that OK?

Uh-huh, Parrish managed between sighs and muffled groans. She was running her nails over the head of his cock, occasionally along the underside, making him twitch when she reached the top, then delving under his balls and squeezing gently before moving back around his large tool. He really was ready to blow, the sensations were driving him wild.

I'd like you to tell me what you've fantasised that we'd do in this room, in this position, she said. You must have had fantasies about what we could do...? Her voice trailed off as her hand took a firmer grip of Parrish's dick and and squeezed methodically up its length to the top before gripping and pulling down, then up, then down, very deliberately, slowly so far.

Ahhhhhh, um, yeah I really imagined just you doing .... ahhhhh.. things... to me. Like this, and maybe ...... ahhhhhhhh.... oral and sex. Whatever really.

Did you know I was going to film it for you? she asked, quickening the pace noticeably, her own breath starting to come in pants. So that you could watch as we cum together? So that you could see me bringing you off in my lingerie?

No! he took a sharp intake of breath as her nails detoured to his balls again.

Well let me tell you that I fully intend to fuck you. I am so hot right now... She started banging his cock furiously.

And if I see you shoot all over yourself right now, because of the work done by my hands, I will be even more keen to fuck you. She was wanking him hard now, and he was hanging on, trying to make it last, but she threw him by placing a sensuous wet kiss on his lips and he gasped as what felt like a gallon of juice rose up and spurted from his cock.

She immediately pulled away to watch as she carried on tugging him. Good boy, she chuckled, wow! there's tons of it.

Parrish's body bucked in the chair as his orgasm came to an end and she slowed up before letting go of his used tool, leaning forward to share another kiss before climbing from the chair. I love your cock, she whispered.

She walked away again, to the bathroom he assumed by a light switch clicking on. A few minutes later she returned and began wiping the cum from his stomach and chest. I'm using my shirt to clean this up... and any future mess we might make. Then I can have a souvenir too... she trailed off as she walked away again, the shirt dropping on the floor to his left.

I'm gonna have a drink. He heard the minibar door, then and a bottle top twisting open. Next thing he could smell bourbon on his face.

I'm assuming, given all the pictures you've seen of me now, you're quite turned on by me being in here to fuck you Parrish?

Oh that's a fair assumption, said Parrish.

Suddenly her body was against him, full on. For the first time his stiff cock was against her crotch. She moved up and down subtly sliding her wet slit against the underside of his hard dick while breathing suggestively on him. Basic teasing. She moved up a little, so the tip of his cock could easily enter her if she chose. He was holding his breath, waiting. She made a point of scraping her nipples against his chest as he waited and leant down to bite his neck. She whispered in his ear I want to suck you first...

She pushed herself away and he heard her drop to her knees. Two hands roamed up along his thighs, one wrapping itself around the base of his cock, the other roaming behind his back to his ass. A tongue hit the base of his cock, underneath, coupled with a horny gasp from Jennifer. She sucked around the base of his cock before running her tongue right up the length of it. Her mouth closed slowly over the end of it, he could hear her breathing through her nose as she gently sucked around the head, the pulling vacuum inside her mouth gradually getting harder while her hand squeezed the base of his cock rhythmically.

Being blindfolded meant every slurp and gasp from between his legs seemed magnified. The sensations of his dick inside her mouth - against her teeth and tongue - also seemed more intense than a regular blow job. She gently dragged her teeth over the head of his dick and he moaned with pleasure. Her lips worked down the length of the shaft, kissing and slurping. He felt her face rub up the side of his dick, he felt the contours of her beautiful face - eyes, nose, lips, cheek - as she panted against his rock-hard dick.

I'm going to suck you till you cum on my face, Parrish. I want to feel that hot cum on my cheeks and eyes, I want to catch it on my camera.

Mmmmmm yeah sure, ah, he halted as her mouth went back over his cock but slid further down than before, his dick nudging the back of her throat as the hand began working up and down. She sucked and almost gagged in trying to deep-throat him, coming back up for air and spitting over the end of his dick, and down where her hand was working, for makeshift lubrication. Her other hand now roamed across his stomach and chest as her mouth noisily slurped under his balls, each one being sucked gently in turn before her lips hungrily returned to his stiff tool.

Her hand was going at a fantastic pace now, and he wasn't sure he could hold on much longer. His gasps and groans were becoming more desperate and she responded with longer sucks and more noticeable use of her teeth when she switched to fucking the dick with her mouth, up and down up and down in unison with her hand. After one of these mouth-fucks, she came off his dick and gasped for air - she definitely sounded turned on and that made Parrish want to come. As soon as her mouth closed back on the cock, hand jacking him furiously, he cried out as the first shot of juice came, hitting Jennifer in the back of the mouth.

She lifted off his cock and he shot over and over into thin air, with Jennifer groaning mmmm and oh yeah down there nearby, the cum splashing on her face, in her eye shadow, on what was left of her lipstick. Her hand slowed right down as the cumming slowed, and she let go, sighing: Mmmmm, good boy. There's cum all over my lips and cheeks.

He could hear her get up and retrieve the shirt. All this make-up has smeared off on my top now, though. I'll have to go and freshen up for a minute.

OK, Parrish was breathless. He doubted he'd ever had two such massive orgasms in such a short space of time. And what was yet to come? He heard her in the bathroom, the water was running for a few minutes. Then it stopped. I'm just putting a bit of make-up back on, she called through to the main room. I want to look my best for the camera ... and maybe leave some lipstick on you eh?

Sure that sounds nice, Parrish called back.

After his 10-minute respite, he heard her re-enter the room. Two small thuds. I think my shoes and stockings can go now, I want to be totally naked from now on. He heard the bed squeak slightly as she sat down, then the sound of her hands running under her nylons to pull them off her silky smooth legs.

You're in good shape for 52, huh Parrish?

Thank you, he replied, unable to stop himself smiling.

Think you'll be OK for another big, big performance? I really want to fuck before I leave this room, she said, her words coupled with more movement on the bed.

Oh I think I could cum all night for you Jennifer, he said with a smile, the beginnings of another hard-on developing down below.

I'm quite wet here ... I'm just teasing myself with my fingers right now ... watching you ... watching your cock. He could hear small movements, more importantly he could hear small wet movements.

I can see it growing right in front of me. Mmmmm, yeah. God I am wet after sucking you like that. My fingers are inside me but I need more. You better be up to it Parrish.

He sensed her stood in front of him, between his legs. The palm of her hand was suddenly pressed against the underside of his stiff rod, before wrapping around the cock to give it a squeeze. He felt a knee climb on to the chair to his left and she was straddling him. He could feel her breath, her hand reaching between her legs, to his cock, rubbing gently, coaxing it to an even harder erection. The swollen end of his cock then felt wet - she had lowered the mouth of her pussy on to it - and they gasped together in anticipation. Her hand let go and both moved to his shoulders as she rocked ever so slightly with Parrish's dick stranded in the entrance to her cunt. She leant forward and kissed him softly, slowly, and as he responded she lowered her hot hole on to him, swallowing up the long dick centimetre by centimetre.

When he was all in she ended the kiss, pushed herself back and groaned low and hard as she rocked her pelvis against his.

Ooh yeah I am sooooo ready for this Parrish, she whispered. Can I fuck you hard? I really need to cum again... Her voice trailed off as her hands wandered behind his head, and he sensed her head was down now, leaning forward, looking down and watching as she drew up again. He heard the wetness coating his cock as it was withdrawn from the heat of her pussy.

He gasped. Do whatever you want Jennifer, he whispered. He could smell her juices wafting up from below him as she started to gyrate and grind on him as she fucked.

She kissed him again, biting gently, playfully on his lip as she manoeuvred her body, working the cock round inside her to loosen up and moisten up as much as possible. Oh god this won't take long... I want to feel you shoot inside me Parrish, she said as she started with longer, more pronounced strokes. Mmmmmm, I'm fucking you on camera Parrish.

Parrish was breathing in her scent, listening intently to the sound of her moist pussy lapping around his dick - but most of all he was feeling horny, feeling very hard, feeling like he would definitely cum hard again. Suddenly her tits were pressed against his face as she grinded hard against his body. He instinctively kissed and licked, seeking out a nipple to gently suck on. She groaned again. Oh yeah... maybe next time we'll have your hands free huh? Parrish mumbled a muffled agreement as she continued to grind her clit against his pelvic bone, all the while sliding the stiff cock in and out of her hungry hole.

The sound of her breathing was really accentuating the situation for Parrish – either she was the world's best actress or she was blatantly getting off on all. And the wetness of her cunt suggested the latter – she wasn't just doing it for the money. Her body was pressed up against his and she was working his cock in and out of her, panting, gasping and groaning as she moved into positions that put more pressure on her clit and G-spot, looking for the ideal angle of attack to pound herself to orgasm.

She leant back again, her hands moving to the two arms of the chair, her knees pushing outwards to open herself up a little more. She dragged the cock out almost all the way and pushed back down, repeating the act a little quicker each time. Ohhhhh, her cry was more frantic this time. She moaned as she fucked Parrish quicker and he sensed that one of her hands had moved to her clit, rubbing herself off as she fucked him. She was leaning slightly to the left, her right hand furiously moving over her clit as the cock repeatedly plunged inside her. They were both gasping and groaning now, Parrish could sense she was close.

I'm gonna cum on you Parrish, she whispered hoarsely and then she threw herself forward suddenly on to him, biting his neck as she growled in orgasm, her muscles tensing and squeezing his cock inside her pussy, all her movements turning staccato as her hand pressed her clit between their bodies.

As the last wave of orgasm shot through her body she pushed herself back and removed her hand from her clit. Oh that was soooo good... You didn't cum yet did you?

No... not yet, said Parrish, taking in the smells, enjoying the warmth around his cock.

One second, she said, extricating herself from the chair and his cock. There was movement to his left, she came back.

I've put the camera on the bed in front of us for this, she said, and he swore he could hear her smiling.

He felt her hand guide his cock suddenly into her, but it all felt different. You're fucking me from behind now... I'm facing the camera, she said, and he could feel her sat on him. Her hands were on his knees, she was squeezing him inside her with her muscles and was working the cock, loosening up again. Ahhhhhh... This way you'll get to see any cum that you shoot inside me drip back out... mmmmmm.

She began fucking him with long, hard strokes. He was trying to make out the shape of her ass banging against him. He was getting more aroused because he could smell it alongside her pussy now. She had worked up to a fast pace with her strokes now and was making horny noises as she fucked him, putting on a show for the camera, for his copy of the film. One of her hands reached down to hold his balls and he gasped. She started gently squeezing wanting to be in control of the cum pumping into her.

He could take no more, the end of his cock was tingling and ready to go again. He cried out as yet another wave of cum rose up from his balls, and Jennifer sunk down into his lap slowly, her cunt muscles squeezing hard, sucking each shot from the end of his fuck-sore cock. He cried and jolted repeatedly, this orgasm feeling extra-sensitive, while Jennifer moaned in front of him, still massaging his empty balls.

I felt that... that was sooooo good, she said. She let go of the balls and rested both hands on Parrish's knees. She slowly levered herself off his softening dick with a squelch, leaning back on Parrish, pushing herself up and lifting her legs up. She whispered: I'm filming your cum drip out of my hole... I hope you like it... You can always tape over it if you don't.

Never, smiled Parrish. They stayed like that in silence for a while, both getting their breath back, Parrish enjoying the smell of her hair and perfume as he eventually felt warm spots of liquid drip on to his thigh and hip from deep inside this woman.

After about five minutes she kissed him on the cheek. Next time we'll be in New York... I have an idea, but I'll be in touch.

She rose, he heard her clean up, go to the bathroom, move around the room getting re-dressed, then she stopped the video camera. She came over and kissed him in the lips again. Thank you, she said.