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  • Morning Wood

    Feb 05, 2012

    What a wonderful "thing" to wake up to.  I can feel you moving slowly on the other side of the bed.  I am slowly waking up too.  You hand reaches over to find me, running your hand down my back and over my hip.  I smile slightly knowing what might be in store next. Hoping what might be in store next.

    You lift my leg and slide that wet finger you have already put in your mouth.  Making sure you make my pussy wet.  Now I am wet enough for you to slide your hard wood into me. Pushing me slightly onto my stomach so that you can do me from behind.  I look up to view you in the mirror at the foot of the bed.  I can see the pleasure on your face which makes me cum so fast.

    You move harder and harder, finally I see that look on your face.  I know you are about to explode all over my ass.  I move so that I can see your face, and whatch you squirt all over me.

    Good Morning to All.



  • All wet..

    Jan 18, 2012

    that is how I left him. Literally.

    Let me back up.  We were in a hotel room.  It was early in the morning, the sunrise was barely showing through the blinds.  I had just woken up. He slid below the covers and laid me on my back, spread my legs. His warm tongue against my pussy lips.  Making his way to my clit, that tongue slowly running over it.  Then he lightly sucked on my bulging clit.  He was so patient as I love to enjoy this electric pulse running through my body.

    He feels my body movements and can tell I am ready.  So as he sucks harder he slids his fingers into my pussy.  His long fingers sliding into my pussy at the same time.  I look down at him, he stares at me back.  This look he gives me lets me know that he is so into my pussy that it makes me cum. 

    I cum so hard I squirt, as I move slightly I can see that it is running down his chin.  As I finish, I move my pussy off of his lips and he leaves my scent, my wetness there....

    He has left me s

  • Happy New Year....

    Jan 04, 2012

    Here we are only a few days into the new year.


    We endured many weather related issues.  Some local. Others abroad.

    2011 was a joyful ride for us here in N.C.   Spying on hot neighbors, catching people outside on the sidewalk, walking in on the neighbors down the hall.


    But 2012  is already on its way for new stories.  Giving my beads to a cop (although he wouldn't flash me, I gave them anyway).  New friends already.  Old friends that have shown their "good" side...

    I hope to continue to share stories with you and you me.

    Happy New Year!




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