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Erotic Stories! The greatest sex organ in the body is the mind! So let your mind wander as you read through the erotic stories at our provocative, social network for women, couples and men! This is where fantasies flourish. Simply click on an entry below

Erotic Stories

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  • A Very Quick Blow Job

    Michael left the engine running as Francesca kissed him passionately, gripping his cock through his trousers. Michael moved her hand and frantically unzipped the trousers and released his flaccid cock. Read More About: A Very Quick Blow Job

  • Masturbating in the Mirror

    A smile of wicked delight curves up the corners of my mouth, as I garner simple enjoyment from the realization that it is likely to be all of this and more that entrances you, lures you into my embrace. Melded with my sensual eroticism ... Read More About: Masturbating in the Mirror

  • My Hot Fantasy

    I gently bite his nipples and I nearly explode when I see his head fall back. I kiss the top of his manhood, now rock hard. The tip first, smothering with tiny kisses and licks as I go along, excited as I watch his hips move ... Read More About: My Hot Fantasy

  • Feel The Music

    The music rushed over me; string melodies tugging at my heart offset by a sensual Latin beat that pounded in my blood. It flooded my soul and held me captive in it's power. Images of raw carnality ... Read More About: Feel The Music

  • Watch and Learn

    Watch, he says again. I'm continuously moaning now, his fingers again moving to my clit, only this time, he pushes three deep into my hungry opening, his thumb circling the sensitive nub. He fucks me gently now, sinking deep into me with each thrust ... Read More About: Watch and Learn

  • Destinations Unknown

    Ever just get in the car and start driving, driving without any real need to go someplace? She loved to drive, and today was no different. She had a couple of extra days off so she packed a few essentials in a bag, jumped in he car and just started drivin Read More About: Destinations Unknown

  • Erotic Massage

    Concentrating firm pressure on the muscles of your back, her hands and fingers trace the contours of your body from head to foot easing the tension in your shoulders, gently releasing knots in your thighs and kneading your ... Read More About: Erotic Massage

  • The Challenge

    There is of course a catch or two my dear. You see we are going to sit on either end of the bed facing each other and while we stare into each other's eyes we masturbate. First one to either come or break eye contact loses ... Read More About: The Challenge

  • Thunder Tongue

    She moaned and raised her hips from the bed as his tongue danced from side to side over her flesh trigger. He stopped just short of her climax, only to lower his head down for a more frontal attack on her wanting pussy ... Read More About: Thunder Tongue

  • Sweetest Kiss

    Don't worry about anything," you whisper, "It will be ok...whatever you're thinking about let it go. Just think about right now. Think about us." And you run your lips along my shoulder tugging gently on my ear. I turn my face to you, and our lips meet in Read More About: Sweetest Kiss

  • Kitchen Kink

    You stand at the sink, water running, in a loose sweater and jeans. You always look so good in jeans, such a fine ass, such lovely curves. I step behind you and lightly run my hand across your ... Read More About: Kitchen Kink

  • Fantasies of a Stranger

    She sees him across the room. He seems to be looking at her as intently as she is looking at him. Something in his eyes draw her to him. They each take a step forward and another until they meet halfway ... Read More About: Fantasies of a Stranger

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