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About Our Erotic Social Network

Why We Started Tempting Dreams

Tired of all the gonzo porn that seems to be everywhere these days, plastered over all corners of the Internet and even reviewed, title after title, on industry sites? Tired of spitting, ass-to-mouth, slapping and gagging? This may seem a ridiculous question, but when did adult entertainment become so debased?

Parrish and  remember a time, not so terribly long ago when a good adult film featured beautiful people having pleasurable, mostly vaginal sex, and when a great porn star was renowned more for her good looks and passion than for her willingness to perform any .. and every extreme act imaginable. Not too long ago, erotic films were truly sexy, favoring passion over shock value.

As a couple we longed for something erotic, something that exuded passion and at the same time.. something that was real. And that is what the community here at Tempting Dreams is all about.


{  An Erotic Social Network for Women, Couples and Men  }



Sophisticated Adult Entertainment For Women, Couples and Men:

Adult entertainment isn't just for the guys! A Ladies Home Journal survey found that 47% of women reported using erotica or pornography to heighten their sexual experiences. In our years of viewing adult entertainment, we've found that you can't make assumptions about what women or couples want in their adult entertainment... but we knew what we were looking for!

Parrish and I have  seen a good number of adult films, and for us, the most erotic and arousing have always been the early efforts of Andrew Blake. Here's a man who understands erotic desire and knows how to show it. I was introduced to Blake through his earliest films, such as Night Trips, Secrets, Night Trips 2, and House of Dreams, in which he explored a tapestry of sexual hunger and captured it on film more effectively than anyone we had ever seen.

The only piece to his majestic, adult puzzle that was missing was a sense of reality. Could a real couple experience the passion captured so vividly in his films... could we?

And that is what the community here at Tempting Dreams is all about. A place for women,  men and couples like us to explore that passion!


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Sex as Art:

Jennifer once likened Blake's films to literary erotica come to life on film. A visual fantasy.. idealized, high-gloss erotic perfection. Some viewers balk at his so-perfect-it's-unreal approach, but to us, the gloss is part of the fantasy. Blake is a perfectionist editor and a photographer with a practiced eye for the erotic.  His early work is beautiful adult entertainment, absolutely perfect for couples, very accessible for first-timers and vividly exciting for women.

Now,  while Jennifer and I are no Andrew Blakes' we did see an opportunity to develop a community where real women, men and couples could explore "sex as art" And thats precisely why we developed the social network here at Tempting Dreams.

It was once said, "Porn can be art, porn can be sensual, porn can be uplifting. It doesn't have to live in the gutter." In my experience, you either love or hate the work of Andrew Blake. If you're into throat gagging, rough, gonzo sex, you may find Tempting Dreams a bit too "Vanilla" But if you are like us,  and have a desire to explore sex as a decadent, opulent and obviously arousing activity we think you'll love the community here at Tempting Dreams.


{  Porn can be art, porn can be sensual, porn can be uplifting. It doesn't have to live in the gutter.  }



A Little About Jennifer:

A Southern girl, born and raised!  Growing up an only child I wasconstantly trying to 'find' myself along the way.  Much of thisdiscovery took place when I left home for college.  Let's just saycollege was one big party where there was no shortage of guys....or girlsfor that matter!  The flings involving guys were simple and Idiscovered I had to keep them that way.  I am not sure if it was a lackof confidence or just their age but I could never get a guy to go alongwith bringing another guy into the bedroom.  I think they may have feltthreatened or were afraid of accidental man on man contact.  LOL!

But of course when I mentioned introducing another GIRL to our bed youwould have thought Christmas came early!  They always were gung-ho withthat idea but surprisingly it didn't last long either.  You see Ienjoyed the company of each in different ways but unfortunately theboys in my life couldn't come to grips with me spending time with thegirls without them.
Amazing isn't it?  They were actually jealous of me spending time with the girls that I brought for them to bang as well!!!

Anyway this went on for the remainder of my college years until Ieventually moved back to my hometown.  Luckily for me the party scenehad advanced substantially and I found myself right in the thick of thenightlife.  I worked at a few of the clubs and made several goodfriends but as we know friends can't provide for all a girl's needs! While working at one of the clubs I met two guys that were really coolto hang out with.  One thing led to another and we ended up partyingafter the club closed.  Finally I had my way with two guys at once andit was a blast!

The late night parties were beginning to be a bore because the samepeople were always in attendance.  However things began to look up whenI was working at one of the bars and these 2 cute guys came in andcaught my eye.  They were both attractive but there was something aboutone of them that I couldn't let go.  They continued to frequent the barevery week and we finally ended up at the same late night party. Needless to say we hit it off and luckily for me our sexual tasteswere identical.  Easing him into what I liked was easy, FINALLY!!

Our first encounter together was with a couple of friends of ours atthe beach a few months later and it has been a roller coaster eversince!  We would love it if you would enjoy the ride with us in thefuture!





About Parrish

Talk about stumbling into something!  Never in a million years did Ithink I would be involved in anything like this when I left the smalltown I grew up in 1988. Because of the size of the town my high school was extremely small so my options for sexual exploration were very limited.

I went to college in 1988 at the largest college in the state and mano' man what a difference!  Ass was everywhere so it made it much easierto get laid and gain experience and to say I needed experience is agross understatement!  For the next four years life was a party and I was coming into my own.

After college I started working with a mortgage company and our policywas to meet customers in their homes to make the process as easy aspossible.  This is where my sexual interests started to change and what triggered it was an appointment with a couple in their mid 30's.  When I arrived at their home to discuss their mortgage I was pleasantly surprised with who greeted me at the door.  The wife was a striking brunette around 5' 4" tall with nice boobs, a beautiful smile and an even better personality.  She invited me into the kitchen to meet her husband who already was sitting at the table. We introduced and got down to business.  The wife never sat down but instead stood between both of us with her hands on the backs of our chairs.  It was so difficult to concentrate on the loan since her belly button was staring me in the face every time I turned to talk to her husband!!!  Now granted this isn't anything amazing but I was rather impressed by her putting it right in my face with her husband in the same room.  I leftthat night with everything I needed to start on their loan but a few days later I received a phone call asking me to come back and join themfor drinks.

In college I will admit I never had a threesome so I wasn't sure what to expect.  To sum up the entire night and save you the agony he wanted me to have sex with his wife while he watched, I got stage fright,couldn't perform and went home embarrassed.   Luckily they were patientand the next time we tried everything went great.  I was hooked! Unfortunately it would be a long time before I would come acrossanother couple like them.

My luck changed when I met this gorgeous girl working at one of the local clubs. We ended up at several of the same late night parties andwe hit it off.  The attraction was instant and we couldn't get enoughof each other.  We shared so much in common from the foods we liked toeat to the type of sex we enjoyed.  One of the couples we are the closest to shared the same connection in their relationship but I willlet Jenn tell that story in her profile!!  It is a good one!

So back to how I ended up with a website.  At one of the late night parties a new acquaintance told me about a friend of his that hadc reated his own website with his wife and said I should give them a call.  I called him and set up a meeting where Jenn and I could address any concerns.  We immediately had a connection with him and his wife and put plans in motion to create our own site.  This brings us towhere we are today.  We are two extremely sexual people that enjoy thec ompany (and bodies!) of like minded people.  We are open with those closest to us about what we do.  Surprisingly I even told my parents! We look forward to sharing our adventures and lives with you and hopefully you will have as much fun reading and watching as we didmaking them!!  Who knows, maybe our paths will cross sometime in the near future!